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We take pride in providing an ego-less platform for Central Florida men to come together with one common goal, GROWTH!  Once a month we host events in the Orlando area for men looking to establish new relationships, share goals and to grow personally and professionally with one another.


As we develop alongside each other, it's just as important to contribute our time and resources to our community.  Whether it's mentoring through Orange County Public Schools (Carver Middle School) or volunteering with a local non-profit organization, our goal is to make a positive impact.


We continuously seek opportunities to collaborate with others to provide value. Through our Speakers Series, we bring in subject matter experts to share insight on their professions to our group.

Featured speakers to date include: Rick Whitted author of "Outgrow Your Space at Work," finance professionals from JPMorgan Chase and Certified Personal Trainer Thaddeus Kornegay (TK) of Rev-Up Lifestyle Fitness.

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